Our L&D is driven by futuristic need based interventions that help to develop core competencies in different aspects of business. We mentor corporate employees, students and young entrepreneurs to become future leaders through various programs like VEP (Virtual Entrepreneurship Program ), ESP (Entrepreneurship Soft skill program) , various Workshops based on real life Entrepreneurial case studies and Industry networking.

Keep learning, keep acquiring skills and keep moving a step closer to your Goal…
i2A offers an array of professional modules that have been constructed keeping in mind the skills sets and business acumen required for new entrepreneurs, executives seeking advanced soft skills for career growth and students looking for a career .

The programs are all based on realistic approach, industry specific case studies and a futuristic goal that will enable any individual to take the correct step and action towards achieving and realizing their aspirations.

We have designed these modules keeping in mind the respective needs of individuals at different stages in their career.

Entrepreneurship training

Program for Working professionals

Program for students & certification
Entrepreneurship training & certification

Our unique methodology of mentoring start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs is widely acknowledged in the industry and patronised by business leaders. We provide training and insights on areas which have huge practical implications on any business.

Business opportunity for aspiring Entrepreneurs
Along with our certification program, we also provide opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs to actually start their business funded by us and thus start the process of Business Incubation.